DX error by age groups

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My favourite language trap is:

"With all due respect…." 

which clearly indicates that no respect at all is due. 

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>> There is data suggesting Docs crash their private planes mor often, but then there may have been other factors e.g. The beachcraft bonanza which lost it's tail section was bought more frequently by physicians. With private planes there is a very cautious period followed by a confident period and then another cautious period. Crashes are low then higher then low again. So complex.
> Reminds me of the joke/aphorism I heard back in med school/residency, "The most dangerous person in the hospital is a second-year resident."  Interns know that they don't know much yet.  Third year residents have seen enough to be reminded that they still have much to learn.  Anecdotally, second years sometimes seem to fall into that middle period where their confidence has increased more than their experience, possibly making them more vulnerable to overconfidence induced mistakes. 
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