Quick hello and a reminder or two

Lorri Zipperer Lorri at ZPM1.COM
Tue Apr 30 19:25:13 UTC 2013

Hello to all who are members of the new SIDM listserv.


You've seen activity since we launched yesterday and I appreciate the
interest in the group in conversing straight away via the list. 


However, if you find the email traffic to be a little too busy for you, keep
in mind, you can also go on the Subscriber's Corner of the listserv site and
change your reception setting to "digest" so that emails will arrive once a
day. Below is the link to the login page:


D94E1AB111D7DB> &X=7B7BD94E1AB111D7DB


1.      After you create your login, look for the Subscriber's Corner tab;

2.      When you are on the Subscriber's Corner page click on the "My
Settings" tab.

3.      On the My Settings page, click the down arrow under "Mail Style" and
you will see your options for regular, digest or index.


Also, for individuals that are responding to posts, please remove all the
banners from your replies. It will neaten things up for all of us! ;-)






Lorri Zipperer, Cybrarian

List Moderator

Communications Co-Chair

Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine



twitter: @ImproveDX

lorri at zpm1.com



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