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Below is one Strategy that we can use to reduce diagnostic errors as
suggested by Mark L. Graber, "Educational Strategies to Reduce Diagnostic
Error: can you teach this stuff?" Adv in Health Sci Educ (2009) 14:63-69 is
to keep in mind the:****

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Ten Commandments to Reduce Cognitive Errors****


**1.      **Thou shalt reflect on how you think and decide.****

**2.      **Thou shalt not rely on your memory when making critical

**3.      **Thou shalt make your working environment information-friendly
by using the latest wireless technology such as the iPad, Kindle, Samsung
Notes, Nexus.****

**4.      **Thou shalt consider other possibilities even though you are
sure of your first diagnosis.****

**5.      **Thou shalt know Bayesian probability and the epidemiology of
the diseases in your differential diagnosis.****

**6.      **Thou shalt mentally rehearse common and serious conditions that
you expect to see in your specialty.****

**7.      **Thou shalt ask yourself if you are the right person to make the
final decision or a specialist after considering the patient’s values and

**8.      **Thou shalt take time to decide and not be pressured by anyone.**

**9.      **Thou shalt create accountability procedures and follow up for
decisions made.****

**10.   **Thou shalt record in a relational data base software your
patient’s problems and decisions for review and improvement.****

Leonardo L. Leonidas, MD****

Assistant Clinical Professor in Pediatrics (retired 2008)****

Distinguished Career Teaching Award, 2009****

Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, USA****

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