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Hi Micheal,


The next time you fly please take the first row, in smaller plane, and watch
what the captain and co-pilots are doing.


They are minding their checklist, checking them off, and the co-pilot
checking it again.


When both of them are sure that all of the boxes had been checked-off, that
is the only time they will lift-off.


And that is the reason why I would fly any day rather than visit a doctor or
an ER.


Nonie Leonidas


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In my view it is not the checklists per se but also the culture that
accompanies the checklist that creates safety and reliability.  Checklists
alone do not add all that much value

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If we did this to pilots, no one would fly.
Paradoxically, we have tools to address this - but virtually no support of
interest from funding agencies to pursue development.
Have  a nice day.

Alan H. Morris, M.D.

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Subject:  RE: Lack of time, knowledge or just sloppy thinking?

Yes and EMR data entry requirements have exceeded human capability to
provide good clinical care (and both eyes and physical contact on patient)
in the compressed time allotment by insurance payment and hospital owned
productivity requirements. No wonder there are errors in DX and Outcomes.

If we did this to pilots, there would be more errors, as well. My brother is
a retired pilot.

Will Sawyer, MD



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