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Well stated, Peggy. 

Now we need a simple solution to trigger those questions and cognitive
support that is particular to the diagnosis presupposed - not just a laundry
list of differential diagnosis.

Diane Z


On May 1, 2013, at 3:25 PM, Peggy Zuckerman wrote:

The reality is that our various strengths and weaknesses have led us to be
the biologically advance and DIVERSE kinds of creatures that we are.  With
that diversity comes the obvious physical differences, but also includes
diverse ways of processing information.  One can call that "types of
intelligences", with some people having greater spatial skills, others
greater mathematical processing or insight, others more skilled at learning
foreign languages, and so on.

The great weakness in this codified system is that the practitioners often
have the same type of thinking--it does require a lot of similar skills to
get through medical school vs art school--and that can become a
self-limiting approach in making a diagnosis.  In the case of a difficult
diagnosis, we can all certainly bring a cognitive skill to this by asking,
"What am I missing here?" or "How else can I approach this problem?".  That
is essentially asking for a reset to "start" at a time at which there seems
a need for a decisive action.  The decisive action could also be that return
to the basics, to start again, while acknowledging one's own tendencies and
style of thinking.

Peggy Z


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