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Agree Jason,


One reason why all lab test and reports should go to patients as well as the


Would obviate all "misplaced"/lost reports and involve patients far more.


We definitely need medically educated patients, to ask the right questions.


To my mind if that could be done overnight it would be one of the biggest
things that could be done to reduce errors, both diagnostic and other.


Does any patient safety organization in the US, or the world for that
matter, have this on their agenda to achieve nationwide?


Some states/labs make it easy others difficult.


When joining a practice one could have an opt in or opt out for all
reports/labs to be copied to the patient 


Rob Bell



On May 3, 2013, at 10:24 AM, Jason Maude wrote:

I think it makes good sense to educate the patient to act as the trigger to
get the doctor the think again rather than just try and prompt the doctor
directly. In my recent case I do blame myself for not asking "what else it
could be". However, one does need confidence to push this when the initial
diagnosis appears so 'obvious'. 


Jason Maude

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