Society/organization to support a national standard for patients to receive copies of lab work and reports

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Thanks Corinne,
Appreciate the support.
Perhaps if we could get consensus on the need, and a few Safety Groups took this on as a cause celebre we could all work towards standardization to obviate the excellent points you make.
The other thing that it would do is to make physicians/HCPs more fully realize that health care is truly a collaborative effort for the best results. And including patients in that team would well emphasize that.
Could THIS organization take this on?
Rob Bell
On May 4, 2013, at 9:28 AM, Fantz, Corinne Renee wrote:

I too agree that lab tests should be provided to patients if they are built in ways to improve quality and coordination of care not as they currently are (to collect incentive payments under significant time constraints).
There are unintended consequences that have not yet been considered by many IT vendors producing these reports from the "official" medical record.  Unofficial lab reports can be helpful but also can be misleading (eg. Not reflecting corrections, missing interpretations, poor formatting as there are no standards for patient reports as there are for "official" reports for clinical labs under CLIA).  
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