Finding our rhythm as a group: a few suggestions

Lorri Zipperer Lorri at ZPM1.COM
Tue May 7 16:10:25 UTC 2013

Hello to all of our members. As with any new initiative it takes a little
time for a group to get into a rhythm. I appreciate your patience as we get


There are close to 600 of us on the list right now. Please keep in mind that
all of us have busy lives and other email to manage during the course of
their day, let's all try and be mindful of the following points to keep our
conversation here as effective as possible:

.        Minimize "me too" answers

.        Be sensitive to who needs to see your response. If you feel you are
only responding to one person, pls post ONLY to that person (whose email
should appear in the "to" box when you reply.) This particularly is
applicable for requests for content someone mentions! It's helpful if an
off-line conversation -begun on the list -- can be recapped and shared with
the group in a succinct manner once the conversation concludes to a broader
point. This technique is also useful when individual's are seeking
information and resources. Ask for replies off list --a little reminder
never hurts ;-) - and then share the compilation with the group.

.        Reduce previous messages before you repost. If you are responding
to only one part of an earlier message, leave the person's name and just the
statement you are responding to. "Lean" is a good way to look at it. It
helps people follow the thread of the conversation if they don't have to
weed through a lot of extraneous material. The more evident the relevancy of
your response to a previous comment - the better!

.        Remove bottom banners when you repost. This one is important! Each
email takes up space on our subscriber's servers. Please take a moment to
remove those banners before you respond to a post.

.        Pls be sure to sign your posting - we like to know who we are
hearing from.

.        If you want to build on a post and take it in a different
direction, pls change the subject

.        No commercial announcements

.        Minimize self-promotion

.        Please do not attach full text of materials - if it's your content,
request that people contact you directly and forward the item along. It is
against copyright to distribute someone else's material (even if it's
available on the web - like a news story--) pls use links to materials.

.        Set your system to digest if the email traffic gets unwieldy rather
than disengaging completely. As many of you were informed of the list launch
nearly the same time as the new SIDM website (and corresponding password)
was distributed, there was some confusion about passwords. You certainly can
use the website password for your listerv password, but you need to generate
an account for the listserv FIRST. I'd suggest that you use the same
password for both and you can set up your listserv interface using the
password we sent you for the SIDM.

Thanks everyone. It important that we try and mentor new listserv users and
model effective listserv behavior. I appreciate everyone's help and
attention to these points as our list community matures and learns together.




Lorri Zipperer, Cybrarian

List Moderator

Communications Co-Chair

Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

twitter: @ImproveDX

lorri at



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