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Re the Patients and/or Physicians having access to labs and to medical

There has to be a mechanism by which a patient and/or physician can both
access records and *request and document* the reason for the
modification--and not delete the original.  Too much opportunity to do
self-serving changes, both on the part of the patient, who may not want the
spouse or next doctor or insurer to have certain information, or by the
doctor/provider who wishes to cover his own ass or previous failures, etc.

Think of this as evidence and how it needs to be handled, with the right to
refute.  Obvious errors such as birthday still need this, and access to all
appropriate parties.  Who is the appropriate party is another discussion.

Peggy Zuckerman
On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 11:59 AM, <jnavindr at> wrote:

> Harris Interactive survey   3,700 MD's
> Access to Health Record by patients
> 65%  Limited Access
> 31%   Full ACcesss
> 4%     No Access
> A medical group here allows full access on the internet to all records  My
> wife has discovered that they copy portions of previous exams e,g., Heart,
> Lungs,BP and pulse and include it as part of the new exam without repeating
> the procedures.
> An MD also changed the gross description of a tumor excision without
> having ever seen the gross speicimen or discussed it with the path ass't
> Peggy Zuckerman

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