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I watched the whole thing--A good example of the problem--I worked as a pathologist, ER physician, did dental work in RVN to include some maxillofacial surgery and 21 years in the NG doing gen medicine and also a  tour in Guatemala providing medical care to the Indians in the mountains.
Errors are common--As a pathologist I had the opportunity to review many. You delineate well the proper way to deal with them. Patients should be informed and an apology is appropriate. The attepts to cover up are bad medicine. Patients should have access to all of their data.
I also spent quiie a bit of time in Louisiana in the infantry @ Fort Polk

jim n

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Subject: lecture on medical errors

I recently gave 45 minutes  Grand Rounds lecture for the Departments ofMedicine in Louisiana State University about medical errors I personallyexperienced as a patient with cancer. I also discuss their prevention andimportance of patient advocacy. I hope that you will find it interesting.
It can be viewed at;  http://youtu.be/OJvHCxU4cko

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 Subject: Washington Post Article - May 3rd:  Misdiagnosis is more common than drug errors or wrong-site surgery

Washington Post Article: Misdiagnosis is more common than drug errors or wrong-site surgery. 
The article by Sandra Boodman of the Washington Post discusses Rory Staunton, Itzhak Brook and doctors helping organize the DEM conference and working to improve diagnoses in medicine like David Newman-Toker and Mark Graber.
I found this article incredibly beneficial and would now ask everyone I know to ask about a differential diagnosis. I would now push anyone to ask “please help me understand/list what else this could be.”  
Thanks.  Karen Holliman


From: Boodman, Sandra [mailto:Sandra.Boodman at washpost.com] 
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Subject: story is published

I can’t thank you enough for your help—
Here’s a link to the online version (it’s also in print and I can mail you copies if you’d like).


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