Does collaboration lead to fewer diagnostic errors?

Jason Maude Jason.Maude at ISABELHEALTHCARE.COM
Tue Jun 11 11:28:55 UTC 2013

A very interesting RCT study by Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine to answer this question was presented  just a few days ago.
Answer in this case was no but finds that the use of a dx support tool helped improve accuracy 'significantly'.

The study concludes:

"In this study, the use of a diagnostic reminder system was more effective at improving diagnostic accuracy in PAS-1 students than case discussion with another provider. Interprofessional discussion while making diagnostic decisions may be helpful at improving diagnostic accuracy, but it should not be assumed that collaboration will correct for cognitive biases that are known to lead to diagnostic errors in individual providers (e.g. premature closure, anchoring bias, confirmation bias, overconfidence bias).

The results of this study suggest that it may be advisable for both individuals and collaborative groups charged with making diagnostic decisions to use an evidence based diagnostic reminder system when engaging in clinical reasoning activities."


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