Crowd Wisdom for Diagnosis?

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Dr Lisa Sanders, the NY Times medical correspondent, has been doing this for quite a while in the Sunday magazine.  See link:  There are also Twitter resources in emergency medicine like this.  One has to be careful to use the wisdom of crowds  (see James Surowiecki, 2004) and not the madness of crowds (Charles Mackay, 1841), if we can tell the difference.


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> Yesterday I posted a short piece from Mark Graber, MD about an intriguing new website:
> is a new online startup that uses the 'wisdom of the crowd' to suggest the correct diagnosis for patients with unresolved symptoms. The project is the brainchild of Jared Heyman, an internet-entrepreneur, who thought of the idea after his sister suffered through an undiagnosed illness for over three years. Cases are submitted by patients for a small fee, and anyone can register as an "MD" (medical detective - cute, eh? No license required) to suggest a diagnosis or vote on the suggestions already made.
> You can read the rest of the post from Mark Graber here:
> Bill Thatcher

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