Apologies .... info delivery failure

Lorri Zipperer Lorri at ZPM1.COM
Fri Jul 26 15:34:01 UTC 2013

Sorry about distributing a broken link all - it looks like the title of the
article (which unfortunately seems to be behind a subscription firewall so
we cannot access the full text) - is "Why Pujols Can't Touch this Pitch".
That is all the info I have about it for now.


Several factors contributed to this info failure:


.        I hit the approve button too quickly (production pressure.) Should
have waited until after a morning meeting to read and approve.

.        I ignored the alert that told me it wouldn't work (alert fatigue)

.        I made the assumption it was only MY computer-- it argues with me
some times ;-)

.        When seeking the full citation (for subscriber to Sports
Illustrated)-the website just says - "Current issue" (what does THAT mean?)
with no citation information I can easily find.

.        Full text access via the public library seems to be behind what is
available on the web.


I have asked the original poster for more citation info - to see if we can
clear this up. Unfortunately once we get that, you'll be on your own to read
the article unless it can be found for free on the web.


Who says information and evidence delivery aren't affected by human factors
and systems failure issues ;-)


Once again, mea culpa!




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From: xavier prida [mailto:xprida at BAYHEARTGROUP.COM] 
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Subject: Re: [IMPROVEDX] ***SPAM*** Re: [IMPROVEDX] Crowd Wisdom, Premature
psych conclusions, and harm from misdiagnosis


Whether it be cognitive or visual learning or both(clinicians often need
integrate both) I happened upon this piece in of all sources, Sports
Illustrated, elucidating the concept of "chunking". Performance(athletic or
otherwise) is dependent on a trained mind and imagery with contextual
organization. Copy and paste link below:




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