Introducing Dx Biases and too much information ... studies needed?

Peggy Zuckerman peggyzuckerman at GMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 14 14:38:25 UTC 2013

I must admit that I am pleased to have the responses to my article, and
would like to inject an issue which is of paramount interest to the
patient.  That is simply to promote that all patients being given the
complete reports and any relevant images which led to the diagnosis of the

Certainly any patient who has received a review of pathology is likely in
an unusual situation, and may indeed go on to request a third review.
However, very few patients are even aware that any diagnostic issues may
arise, and these errors have immediate impact on treatment.

I advocate for complete and immediate access for patients to all their
medical records, whether blood labs, radiology reports and images and
naturally, pathology reports and images.  As the field matures, genetic
analysis of the tumor, any bio-markers and similar should be provided to
the patient.

Peggy Zuckerman

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