Errors in Oncology Pathologies

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Have studies been done with clinical info before and after reading special studies. Could the results be different for different specialities?

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> I have been following this conversation with interest.  I would concur with Mark and others' comments relative to risk of framing bias in interpretation of studies. Just to give a different example, I have been reading nuclear cardiology studies for ~ 30 years. I have always had as a standard practice in our department that we do not want to know anything about the patient until we have finished reading both the stress and the imaging portions of the tests. Only then are the fellows allowed to present the clinical information, which is then used to modify or fine tune the interpretation as appropriate. If the clinical information is presented in the beginning, it can heavily bias the interpretation of the imaging studies, which by their very nature are subjective.  
> At least in our relatively uncomplicated situation, it has not been difficult to make the approach standard practice, but I could envision it being more complicated with pathology interpretations, for example. One issue is the availability of the clinical information (easy for us, less easy for pathologists), and the other is the sequence as to when in the interpretation process the clinical information is accessed and utilized.
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