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Yes - Osler, as usual, provides wise advice.  Can you send the complete


The art of medicine, if it is to be an ethical activity, must rest on a
foundation of credible scientific evidence.  The "Art," devoid of a
scientific basis frequently becomes opinion/speculation and unlikely to be
of benefit.  When scientific evidence is absent we may have only the Art -
and then the best we can do is rely on a clinician's judgment.  When
scientific evidence exists it should consistently be the decision-making
foundation - here is where we need tools to enable replicable decisions
based on credible scientific evidence.

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I am just reading the history of William Osler by Michael Bliss and came
across this quote:


"Osler's medical art was informed and controlled by all the assistance
science could give. He did not discuss diagnosis as a matter of intuition.
Every scientific aid was welcome" P270



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