BP measurements and Stethoscope use

Ted.E.Palen at KP.ORG Ted.E.Palen at KP.ORG
Fri Sep 13 21:38:02 UTC 2013

This device or similar ones in the works may help address some of the 
"hearing" issues with standard stethoscopes and at the same time decrease 
referrals for unnecessary echocardiograms.

NOTE I have no interest, financial or in any other capacity, in this 
company or its products

Mobisante introduced the world's first smartphone-based ultrasound imaging 
system, the MobiUS™SP1 system in 2011. This award winning device, cleared 
by the FDA, brought ultrasound imaging within reach of healthcare 
professionals everywhere.

Now Mobisante launches MobiUS TC1 tablet system which offers a larger 
image with higher resolution but with the same ease of use and 
affordability. MobiUS fuses the power and wireless connectivity of a 
smartphone with the Internet into a game-changing diagnostic solution that 
is truly mobile, accessible and connected, helping healthcare 
professionals practice better medicine and reduce costs. 


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From:   robert bell <rmsbell at ESEDONA.NET>
Date:   09/13/2013 02:59 PM
Subject:        Re: [IMPROVEDX] BP measurements and Stethoscope use

Dear Bill,

I have often thought that taking blood pressure in the office is one of 
the worst things that the medical profession does. There are papers that 
discuss all the reading biases and inaccuracies that occur with the 
average office BP readings. No wonder there are so many on BP medications 
when they do not need them.

And the other thing that needs to be investigated is the stethoscope. I 
suspect that is the second worst thing doctors do - listen to sounds! 

Depending on hearing, the stethoscope used, training, skills, knowledge, 
biases, etc. there must be immense errors with both missed and delayed 
diagnoses costing big dollars to the health system. Would you like a 1st 
year medical resident, with rock music impaired hearing, or an experienced 
cardiologist with acute hearing listen to your heart? Have often wondered 
why good studies are not undertaken to provide guidance, but I suspect the 
status symbol of the stethoscope is protecting it!

Big, big issues.

Rob Bell
On Sep 13, 2013, at 9:09 AM, Bill Thatcher wrote:

Yesterday I uploaded several news items to the SIDM website you might find 
interesting. Some relate to recent dialogue in this listserv and one is a 
new subject on a blood pressure test device that improves accuracy.
Bill Thatcher

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