BP measurements and Stethoscope use

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I beg to differ.  I recently saw a patient who had been admitted to hospital with chest pain and sent home told he did not have a heart attack, still with his chest pain.  Listening to the classic friction rub gave me the diagnosis - pericarditis - that had been missed despite the thousands of dollars sent on imaging.

Edward Hoffer

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If someone invented the stethoscope yesterday, and tried to introduce it to the medical world, advising that one could just "listen" to the varying sounds, and from there, diagnosis with certainty a wide range of diseases and problems, he would be laughed off the block.  When there are more objective ways to measure hearts, which permit comparisons between professionals and institutions, listening with a stethoscope sounds like the equivalent of my touching the child's head with the back of my hand.  Tells me something, but not much, and not verifiable.
Peggy Z

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Dear Bill,

I have often thought that taking blood pressure in the office is one of the worst things that the medical profession does


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