BP measurements: First alerts and bathwater

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Thanks Lori

Dear Cheryl,

Understand your points.

But IF a stethoscope is more inaccurate in the hands of some, and leading in some cases to serious errors with even death and injury, when does it become necessary to do something about it? For example, if stethoscopes are inaccurate as a whole but more inaccurate in the hands of some (new users, minimally to moderate deaf users, etc.) should stethoscope users be accredited with yearly tests/examinations?

And that leads to studies.

I had better stop, I hope that I have made my case.


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> Before we throw the baby out with the bathwater, we must remember that the stethoscope is the tool in the hands of our frontline providers (nurses and technicians) that may provide the first alert to the physician who is not at the bedside.  Is it feasible, or cost effective, to provide more technologically advanced tools to the thousands/millions at the bedside?
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