Patient experience

Lorenzo Alonso ljalonso at UMA.ES
Mon Oct 21 16:46:21 UTC 2013

I find very interesting the attitude for a doctor to say "I don,t know"
instead of "inventing" diagnosis , reassuring to the patient about the
follow-up and giving him or her advices about symptoms or situations for a
quick consultation (I have a particular example with a young patient with
several visits to the ED for abdominal discomfort; after some explanations
such as "meteorism" the  patient said to the surgeon: excuse doctor but
another doctor told me that meteorism is not a diagnosis. The surgeon
asked for more test and a diagnosis of Cronh,s disease was established.
Other aspect is the active role for the patient: example ovarian cancer is
still a disease diagnosed late. I say to my patients to ask for it to the
gynecologist in a normal gynecologic visit where usually only uterine or
cervical cancer is despicted.

Lorenzo Alonso

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