Missed and Erroneous Diagnoses Common in Primary Care Visits

Ross Koppel rkoppel at SAS.UPENN.EDU
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Important to note the role of horrible decisions and actions by 
As a sociologist, I'd only add that there are a lot of societal factors 
creating some of that obesity, drink, cancer, lack of exercise, etc, 
etc. Many of those factors can be altered....but we don't

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On 12/8/2013 10:45 AM, Ted.E.Palen at KP.ORG wrote:
> The death rate for climbers of K2 (the second highest peak in the 
> world) is about 25%.  So although I understand your analogy it is not 
> correct.  People take huge risks everyday. And they even take more 
> risk with their health, although the results of their decision may not 
> have consequences for many years. They smoke, drink to excess, become 
> addicted to pain meds, eat poor, do not exercise.  Even though 
> diagnostic errors and treatment errors may and do have terrible 
> consequences, the behaviors people engage in have far more devastating 
> consequences in regard to heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc.
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