Error Rates: Diagnosis vs Delivery of Care

Robert J. Latino blatino at RELIABILITY.COM
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I am new to this forum and in search of studies related to specific error rates.  I have not been able to find such credible studies on other forums.  I am a career lead investigator specializing in understanding the reasoning behind decision-making that results in undesirable outcomes.

I am seeking any studies related to making the distinction between the rate of making diagnostic/clinical decision errors versus decision errors in the execution of the delivery of care (after an accurate diagnostic or clinical judgment call).

When a bad outcome occurs, what % of the time is it attributed to a diagnosis error as opposed to the % of time it is attributed to a patient care error occurring after an accurate diagnosis?  

While these appear in my inquiry as mutually exclusive ('OR' statements), it is understood that they certain do occur together as well ('AND' statement) to produce the bad outcome.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Latino

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