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Bob Gorman bgorman at KNCELL.ORG
Tue Dec 17 23:47:33 UTC 2013

The Individual Error, I define as: when a patient is treated as 
one of a statistical group rather than the Individual they are, 
and damage or death occurs.

In many cases it's considered good medical practice to go with 
the statistics; it certainly avoids a lot of lawsuits.

Regardless of how many studies of hundreds and thousands of 
hypothetical 'subjects', the only person to ever enter your 
examining room is always an Individual. Their strengths, 
weaknesses, allergies, tolerances, habits, etc. are very 
specific to them.

Let's look at an example I created to explain what I mean.
You have 100 Individual patients who weigh 100 lbs. and you have 
100 Individual patients who weigh 300 lbs. The statisticians 
would say you have 200 patients with an average weight of 200 
lbs. even tho you don't have a single patient that weighs 200 
lbs. Based on this, good medical practice would prescribe 
medication and other procedures for a 200 lb. person, for each 
of your 200 patients.

This would guarantee that you over prescribe for 100 of your 
patients, and under prescribe for the other 100. Absolutely NO 
patient will receive appropriate prescribing...

If you're lucky, all 200 of your patients will be slightly 
irritated; if you're not lucky all 200 of your patients will die.

What are your thoughts???


The Individualis statistically insignificant;
Statisticsis individually insignificant!

- BobGorman <>

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