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Bob Gorman bgorman at KNCELL.ORG
Wed Dec 18 21:40:26 UTC 2013

On 12/18/2013 2:31 PM, Bob Latino wrote:
> The questions below are just meant to evaluate the capability 
> of the decision-maker irrespective of the integrity and 
> accuracy of the information at hand.  This is standard 
> practice when investigating incidents where judgment calls are 
> at play.  Of course this has the luxury being able to review 
> in hindsight.
I have always had the utmost respect for fighter pilots in dog 
Nowhere else, IMHO, is the result of even a slight 
miscalculation, death!

> No matter where these decision-makers work (e.g. -- hc, 
> nuclear, refining, pilots, etc.), there is a juncture at which 
> a judgment is to be made as to do something (and what) or not. 
> At this point there is a decision-maker and there is 
> information they are processing.  What is it about the person 
> who gets it right, is different than the person who did not?
IMHO, it is the person who uses BOTH sides of their brains.
I teach Individuals to rely more & more on their Intuition AND 
to improve their Intuition!
I do not believe God gave us both a head & a heart to throw 
either one in the trash can.


Knowledge is NOT enough!
Knowledge + Confidence enables Action.
Vision + Action = Leadership!
- Bob Gorman <>

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