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Bob Gorman bgorman at KNCELL.ORG
Wed Dec 18 22:29:58 UTC 2013

On 12/18/2013 3:15 PM, Bob Latino wrote:
> I find the only near misses investigated, are the ones 'under 
> the light' as well.  Under these circumstances there is 
> usually a regulatory driver as well to provide incentive.
> However, the near misses that do not rise to that regulatory 
> threshold of potential severity, are not looked in any depth.
I found this especially true of learning difficulties.
Whether it's ADD, Dyslexia or simply color blindness, if your 
problem is minor (a near miss judged by others), it will be 
ignored and you will be given the sadistic advice: You're not 
trying hard enough!

Being severely dyslexic, my response is Go To Hell. I managed to 
make decent grades in school but only by spending 4-5 hours on 
homework that took other students 1-2 hours. I was trying more 
than hard enough...

If your 'symptoms' are severe enough then, and only then, you 
will be sent for testing and remedial services.

I'm absolutely urging universal testing of all students on the 
basics of :
Attention:    Rigidly focused or easily distractible
Sensory skills:
     Highest & lowest audio pitches;
     Colors detectible;
     Smell & taste: (I don't know how to measure this, but I 
have NO sense of smell.)
Dyslexia: a fundamentally different way of processing knowledge.
Other: Add your own special need...


Everyone is Gifted;
Everyone is Handicapped;
We are all Unique, thus Partial,
So we need each other.
Life is balancing being Unique and Belonging.
BobGorman <>

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