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Thank you Bob.

Have you ever studied the effect of decision-making when contrasting if a decision made will also threaten the life of the decision-maker versus only someone else's life?

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The questions below are just meant to evaluate the capability of the decision-maker irrespective of the integrity and accuracy of the information at hand.  This is standard practice when investigating incidents where judgment calls are at play.  Of course this has the luxury being able to review in hindsight.
I have always had the utmost respect for fighter pilots in dog fights...
Nowhere else, IMHO, is the result of even a slight miscalculation, death!

 No matter where these decision-makers work (e.g. - hc, nuclear, refining, pilots, etc.), there is a juncture at which a judgment is to be made as to do something (and what) or not. At this point there is a decision-maker and there is information they are processing.  What is it about the person who gets it right, is different than the person who did not?
IMHO, it is the person who uses BOTH sides of their brains.
I teach Individuals to rely more & more on their Intuition AND to improve their Intuition!
I do not believe God gave us both a head & a heart to throw either one in the trash can.

Knowledge is NOT enough!
Knowledge + Confidence enables Action.
Vision + Action = Leadership!
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