Improving diagnosis - "one size doesn't fit all"

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I would like to thank our leadership  in Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine for the opportunity to be able share our thoughts and our ideas.  The discussion is thought provoking. It has helped all of us who practice medicine to be aware of our role as decision maker on daily basis

Yes we all agree that making diagnosis is complex process  and involves multiple interactions between providers, patients and healthcare system.
I would only mention that most of us are who are clinical educators or supervising  physicians, have additional burden and responsibility to strike a  balance between adequate independence of the trainees and constant  vigilance to assure patient safety and correct diagnosis in timely manner.

After practicing medicine for 35+ years in outpatient and inpatient settings (In USA and previously outside USA) I do not see any single approach applicable to all healthcare settings . On the other hand we should strive to utilize every possible approach and every tool available in diagnostic process in order to improve diagnostic accuracy and to decrease number of diagnostic errors. There is place for intuition and analytic reasoning, checklists, decision-support systems and  information technology and others;  our goal better diagnostic accuracy.

As a Society, we should try to sort out which of the  available tools/ideas could be applicable in different health care settings (inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic medicine, consult medicine etc.), and potentially result in improved diagnostic accuracy in particular setting.

More thoughts in

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