The right dx

Vic Nicholls nichollsvi2 at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jan 21 01:13:58 UTC 2014

Question for the medical professionals on this list.

I have a doctor who looked up something in UpToDate at my last
appointment months ago. She gave me another test which showed a problem.
I remembered that.

I put a note to her, coming up at my next appointment, saying that I
hadn't said so but that I appreciated her doing that. I said there are
those who wouldn't do that in front of a patient, but the fact that she
went searching for an answer on my account really made me feel like she
put my welfare and patient care first.

Do doctors really appreciate that? She hasn't said anything but I know
she got it. I have asked for the bosses of doctors before and given them
things that I said I appreciated about them and how much it meant to me.



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