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Physicians are people too and enjoy hearing that patients are satisfied with their care. As a primary care physician I commonly use Up to Date to discuss current recommendations about testing and/or treatment for a problem that I am not sure of. I believe this improves patient engagement and shared decision making.

If patients are engaged in the process they are more likely to follow recommended therapies and be involved in the process to return with additional questions, new or worsened symptoms, or questions about getting to the correct diagnosis. A therapeutic trial with medications can help with the diagnosis (if it helps, the diagnosis is likely correct if not more evaluation and consideration is needed).

Also for confusing patient presentations I use Patrick Croskerry's recommendation. I ask myself "What else could this be?". Sometimes I ask that question as I am finishing my note after the patient has left or when I am evaluated ordered test results.

Health care needs to have engagements from both sides (practitioners and patients) to get it right.


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