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Let me make this clear to the medical people on here, I have never, ever 
had a lawyer contact the group/doctor or any one involved. My main 
concern from the beginning has to been to get appropriate medical care 
and then to get the doctor to learn so that other patients don't go 
through this. They will never do that. The practice (among others) has 
attempted to stop me from reaching other patients to talk about the 
symptoms and all that, the medical literature/research. I've been 
followed by the doctor in question on public property, I've been 
threatened by lawyers for putting medical statements in my own record.

No one deserves that.

I found, thanks to the WONDERFUL ladies at EVMS' library, a treasure 
trove of medical research that led me to figure out what was going on. 
They did give me encouragement and help in looking thru the medical 
databases and how to be able to print them out and find info. I am 
greatly indebted to them to know what to look for.

I found out things weren't right when I was with the doctor. My urgent 
care PCP at the time put in the records that according to research, I 
had complications. The plastic surgeon recognized some issues but when 
sent back to the original surgeon, I had conflicting info from the 
surgeon compared to his nurse. No answers have been forthcoming 
addressing the issue.

I have metabolic alkalosis and am starting to lose weight rapidly 
(cachexia) starting (which I did before the emergency hospitalization 
for malnutrition) but now have no doctor in the area to care for me. I'm 
sure you all know the end result of cachexia.

If I can help others before things get so bad I can't, I will.


On 4/19/2014 2:59 PM, Peggy Zuckerman wrote:
> Would you be interested in getting this to the Society for 
> Participatory Medicine?  They often have connections into a wide mix 
> of patients and so on. The challenge will be to find people who have 
> recognized that they are not getting diagnosed properly after than 
> short time, I fear.
> Peggy Z

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