Another argument for patient's access to their test results

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In psychology's terms for the radiology tech's rewards in this situation
  a) paying attention to short term interests of patients (give them relief now), ignoring (possible) different long term outcomes.  Psychologists studying animals and humans behaving find that a hyperbolic intertemporal discount rate more accurately describes the way future rewards or punishments diminish as a function of time until the reward, rather than the exponential rate used in health economics and decision analysis.
  b) and paying attention to own interests rather than the patient's interests, obviously. Get the weeping and anxiety out of my clinic.
  c) and of course, "character" and "ethical behavior". 


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From: Graber, Mark [Mark.Graber at VA.GOV]
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Subject: [IMPROVEDX] Another argument for patient's access to their test results

In a very disturbing story this week, a radiology tech was accused of notifying 1000+ women that their mammagrams were normal, although she didn't know this to be true, and some in fact were not.

Its my understanding that all women are supposed to receive a copy of their test result, and its not exactly clear from this report if the tech just gave women a verbal 'ok', or if she actually altered the radiologist's report.  This is a class of diagnostic error I've never encountered before, but I'm hoping that the directly-mailed results mitigated the tech's false assurances.  If anyone has access to more facts on this case, I'd be interested to hear them.

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