Another argument for patient's access to their test results

Vic Nicholls nichollsvi2 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Apr 21 21:41:17 UTC 2014

Can I weigh in on this one?

I help my docs out as best I can. That means I've listened to the 
doctors, especially primary care, about the problems they have with 
time. Involved patients try to do that because a doctor or any other HCP 
that is frazzled isn't going to perform their best. Team Patient doesn't 
win when that happens. Not all of us come in watching TV (I've not 
watched it since the '90's and my sister explained yesterday who Dr. 
House is), some of us actually have a history with doctors for the 
ability to use medical databases and interpret the info.

I actually provided my doctor with evidence (I mean more than 15 
articles) on a treatment for a problem I have, and I said when you need 
it, because you will. Since the issue I have is growing worse, I've just 
made a big headache for her easier.

That means if I trot in with medical research, evidence, especially if I 
have a history of something don't use the overwork excuse as a reason to 
blow me off. I'm here and I'm trying to help you help me. So if someone 
has one of those days, sometimes the patient can help you out.

Although when I've gotten admin to help, they've screwed up more things 
than not. Risk management included. You know, just because a doctor 
screws up, if they don't screw up on the size of lopping the wrong leg 
off, for the love of Heaven, work it out. I've had more problems with 
doctors' egos and lack of emotional maturity when I'm the one paying 
both in money, sick leave, and complications than if the doctor would 
have listened in the first place.

My apologies to those of you who don't fit that. I've got several of 
them that don't. Not all of us are lawsuits. If you google Dr. Ring and 
the operation on the wrong wrist, you'll find the patient was quite 
forgiving. I know not all are like that, but I've put in writing time 
and again to doctors AND their bosses that when I see someone apologize 
for something and fix it, or look up something in the medical databases 
to check, I've got more admiration and respect for them than I do for 
someone who just has to be perfect.

Lets let Team Patient win together against the Insurances and Admins huh?

Oh and PS ... don't think I won't take a denial from my insurance out of 
the doctors' office hands and resolve the situation myself.   LOL ...

Encourage your patients to make smarter decisions and guide those who 
are trying to participate. You might find it works best for all of us in 
the trenches in the long run.


On 4/21/2014 2:19 PM, Rob Bell wrote:
> Agree. See my recent post - the whole system is screwed up in every 
> direction! Are we just as guilty as the tech? Our errors are 
> non-deliberate but is that an excuse?
> Rob
> Sent from my iPhone
> On Apr 21, 2014, at 9:00 AM, "Hamm, Robert M. (HSC)" 
> <Robert-Hamm at OUHSC.EDU <mailto:Robert-Hamm at OUHSC.EDU>> wrote:
>> Overwhelmed with work. Still there is an important distinction 
>> between “overwhelmed with work and so fails to notice something” and 
>> “overwhelmed with work and so chooses not to do something”. Perhaps 
>> there should be a “Fuck this job” button and whenever somebody slams 
>> it, someone comes in non-punitively to make the system work. It is a 
>> sign of a failure of management (allocating tasks and 
>> responsibilities to people psychologically capable of handling at the 
>> moment), as well as of failure on the part of the worker.

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