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Patient care and diagnoses evolve over time as things are revealed.
So labeling something as a diagnostic error depends on when in
the patient's course it's measured. In the course of disease evolution,
the primary diagnosis can change. So perhaps we should not make a diagnosis 
ever but say "At this moment I think the probability of X is P". Of course, the evolving issue is
when to treat or test with what modalities.
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When cover-up is the standard of care, who really knows the facts besides the ones doing the cover-up? The underlying motivation to nearly end autopsies.. just the truth. 


Errors related to missed or delayed diagnoses are a frequent cause of patient harm. In 2003, a systematic review of 53 autopsy studies from 1966 to 2002 was undertaken to determine the rate at which autopsies detect important, clinically missed diagnoses. Diagnostic error rates were 4.1% to 49.8% with a median error rate of 23.5%.* Furthermore, approximately 4% of these cases revealed lethal diagnostic errors for which a correct diagnosis coupled with treatment could have averted death.4 Other autopsy studies have shown similar rates of missed diagnoses; one study reported the rate to be between 10% to 12%5, while another placed it at 14%.6 Autopsies are considered the gold standard for definitive evidence of diagnostic error, but they are being performed less frequently and provide only retrospective information.


Knowing the CDC are well aware death certificates are often falsified... even the Joint Commission are against autopsies .. so the prevailing logic is, keep the facts blurry and the conversation of how bad is the problem will keep the public in the dark. and make correcting the diagnosis problem nearly impossible to do anything about.  = keep the excuses alive.

:-( garbage in garbage out to keep the data corrupt.


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