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Differential diagnosis generators, like Isabel and Dxplain, are
effectively dynamic lists that change with the multiple inputs. Since much
research on dx error concludes that the clinicians should have broadened
their differential, the routine use of these 'dynamic list generators'
could help prevent a significant proportion of dx errors.
There is an increasing body of research which describes their impact and a
growing number of users that can attest to their usefulness.In some cases
these tools can be set up to automatically generate a differential from
within the EMR and feed off free text progress notes.

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On 24/04/2014 20:02, "robert bell" <rmsbell at ESEDONA.NET> wrote:

>We know the value of lists.
>Has Dr. Pronovost taken the list story further?
>Are there any more lists to help prevent errors in medicine?
>Are there any lists to help prevent errors in diagnosis?
>If no new progress what would be the best areas to develop/explore?
>Rob Bell

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