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Tue Apr 29 03:44:05 UTC 2014

Something Dr. Bell said rung one.  ;)

I've heard some docs talking and they said the first two years weren't 
really anything that they remembered. Is it possible to do 1.5 years and 
spend more time on actually doing "doctor" work? I know I did a Citizens 
Police Academy where they took us thru "Police Training Light". 
Simulations and the like were done and let me tell you, those 
simulations, where you had to choose to fire a gun or not, really got 
you to think.

Maybe some simulations more with the newer doctors in school, 1/2 a year 
devoted more to doing than just passing the u smile?


On 4/27/2014 5:11 PM, robert bell wrote:
> Well said, I agree totally.
> I am not exactly sure what the solution is but it would seem that we 
> need pretty intense education. I have always felt the simulation labs, 
> like the airline industry, with Evidence Based algorithms, that 
> include frequency guesses and cost issues, would offer the best chance 
> of getting medical students, residents, and CME HCPs to the level of 
> superstars. A basketball player after 100,000 shots!
> Well designed programs that mimic the clinical situation would 
> themselves provide information on where trainees make errors/mistakes 
> that can in turn then be made public so that the algorithms can be 
> tweaked and clinical practice altered.
> It would seem that something like this could be high on the list of 
> the thought leaders in this field of endeavor.
> Does anyone know of this kind of research taking place anywhere in the 
> world?
> One could start first with potentially life threatening situations in 
> the ER, be it Cellulitis, Pneumonia, or Pulmonary Embolism or other 
> conditions that are “often" missed.
> Perhaps it could develop to a state where everyone with a certain set 
> of symptoms could quickly be “put through" a computer 
> program/algorithm. This to suggest a course of action, lab tests, and 
> treatment. Or something like that!
> Rob Bell

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