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Dr. Carroll: I saw what was supposed to be "patient ran into a cement 
pole" changed to "patient ran into a semen pool". Maybe proofreading 
would be good? There should be some reasons why one could petition a 
court to have some things removed and frankly I think that's one that 
could be lodged as a true correction.

Because you know that makes the rounds for jokes as one of my ER visits 

Dr. Bell: great point. If doctors used EBM, I think you'd be on safer 
grounds than not on a lawsuit. If the evidence backs your opinion, 
that's good, because it would beat anything else. I mean you went by 
experts, etc. and your judgement agreed with that.

On 4/30/2014 10:47 AM, Robert Bell wrote:
> That is a good point. Insert all the evidence based medicine information and cost effective common sense, etc. in the simulation programs since training.
> Rob Bell

On 4/30/2014 10:36 AM, Carroll, Thomas wrote:
> Re: [IMPROVEDX] quick ?
> I agree it is the physician's responsibility to record his/her 
> impressions, plans, etc.  However, it is my impression that EMRs are 
> not designed for this purpose.  Pointing and clicking is certainly not 
> helpful for me as I think through a pt's case, nor does it generate 
> useful information for others in the future to figure out what I was 
> thinking.  It does, however, provide easily searched information for 
> billing, meaningful use, and other (largely meaningless) purposes.
> I either dictate (which now with Dragon generates some funny but 
> ultimately embarrassing turns of phrase) or type. Neither is 
> particularly efficient when compared to a human transcriptionist...but 
> they are cheaper.
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