Supporting the "Undiagnosed" documentary

Graber, Mark Mark.Graber at VA.GOV
Mon May 26 14:32:20 UTC 2014

At last year's Diagnostic Error in Medicine conference, several of you were kind enough to be interviewed for a documentary film on patients who are undiagnosed.  The "Undiagnosed" team has been working on this project as a labor of love for over a year.  To finish production, they've embarked on a Kickstarter campaign to raise $150,000 in the next few weeks.

This is a very worthwhile project that calls attention to a major problem in healthcare today - the plight of patients who have unknown illnesses.

I'm going to support their fundraising campaign and I hope you'll consider it too.  You can see the movie trailer and campaign video, as well as follow this documentary's progress and success on their Kickstarter campaign page:



Mark L Graber, MD FACP
Senior Fellow, RTI International
Professor Emeritus, SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine
Founder and President, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

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