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Jason Maude Jason.Maude at ISABELHEALTHCARE.COM
Fri Jun 27 12:09:13 UTC 2014

As you may know, we released a free patient version of Isabel called the 'Isabel Symptom Checker' at the end of 2012. The tool is very sophisticated but we realised that it could be better at helping the patient to decide what to do next and where to seek medical attention. We have therefore been working on a triage function to add into the system to help the patient decide whether he/she should go to a retail or walk in clinic, family doctor or emergency care. We have tested this new functionality extensively but would really appreciate the group's help/feedback/comments before it goes live.

 *   You can access the tool from our development site at
 *   Please enter a case and get results. In the box on the right of the results called 'Action' you will see a red button called 'Where Now?'. Please click this to start the triage function. It should be self explanatory from here.
 *   Click the button called 'where to now' under the questions to get a result.

NB: The design is not final and will be made a bit slicker. This functionality is unusual in that rather than starting with just one symptom and asking additional questions, it takes the results from Isabel and then combines this with important general clinical questions.

The conclusion of the tool will be to seek some sort of professional advice and does not say treat yourself at home. The key job of the tool is to direct the patient to the most appropriate setting.

The key questions we would like your opinion on are:

 1.  Please let us know what you think of the questions. Are they clearly worded?
 2.  Are there questions you think we should have asked or are they any which you think would not be clinically significant?
 3.  Please try a variety of cases with a range of answers to the general questions. Please let us know of any cases where you feel that the recommendation was completely inappropriate.
 4.  Please let us know your general thoughts about the utility of the tool-both good and bad.

Please respond to me directly at Jason Maude <Jason.Maude at>

Many thanks for your help.
Best wishes

Jason Maude
Founder and CEO Isabel Healthcare

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