Another tragic but educational sepsis case

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The Health Service Ombudsman in the UK recently published a report on the tragic case of Sam Morrish, a 3 year old boy who died from sepsis. He had had flu but the various clinicians he saw failed to recognise the secondary infection until it was too late. Sam Morrish came in contact with several clinicians from his primary care practice, NHS Direct (telephone triage service) and emergency clinicians at his local hospital.

These reports are a fantastic educational resource as they are incredibly detailed containing in depth accounts from all the parties concerned and applicable to many diseases. You can access the report from this link:

On reading the report, I was struck by how the mother's sentiments were very accurate but she relied on her local GPs and the national phone triage service to tell her what to do rather than directly going to the Emergency Department which may have acted more appropriately.

I wondered whether a patient triage tool attached to a symptom checker could help patients in this situation have more confidence in their own convictions rather than wait to be told what to do. If anybody does have any feedback on our new triage tool (listserv message of June 27th), I would really appreciate it.

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