Another tragic but educational sepsis case

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One item to this: even if you come with medical research, and you are 
confident in your opinions, doctors frequently don't accept it. Its not 
just me but several others also.


On 7/7/2014 1:10 PM, Jason Maude wrote:
> The Health Service Ombudsman in the UK recently published a report on 
> the tragic case of Sam Morrish, a 3 year old boy who died from sepsis. 
> He had had flu but the various clinicians he saw failed to recognise 
> the secondary infection until it was too late. Sam Morrish came in 
> contact with several clinicians from his primary care practice, NHS 
> Direct (telephone triage service) and emergency clinicians at his 
> local hospital.
> These reports are a fantastic educational resource as they are 
> incredibly detailed containing in depth accounts from all the parties 
> concerned and applicable to many diseases. You can access the report 
> from this link:
> On reading the report, I was struck by how the mother's sentiments 
> were very accurate but she relied on her local GPs and the national 
> phone triage service to tell her what to do rather than directly going 
> to the Emergency Department which may have acted more appropriately.
> I wondered whether a patient triage tool attached to a symptom checker 
> could help patients in this situation have more confidence in their 
> own convictions rather than wait to be told what to do. If anybody 
> does have any feedback on our new triage tool (listserv message of 
> June 27th), I would really appreciate it.
> Many thanks
> Jason
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