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Graber, Mark Mark.Graber at VA.GOV
Sun Jul 27 23:58:28 UTC 2014

For those of you who are SIDM members, we are soliciting nominations and self-nominations for 3 Board positions, and 1 Officer position: Treasurer.

The current officers include myself (President), Paul Epner (Exec Vice-President), and Ruth Ryan (Secretary).  The three of us are all also on the Society Board of Directors, along with David Newman-Toker and Art Papier.

Board responsibilities include participating in twice-monthly conference calls, twice yearly face-to-face meetings, active participation in SIDM Committees, and help identifying new members and funders.  I can forward a more complete job description to anyone who would like to see this.

Please forward your nominations (and a CV if its yourself) to the Co-Chairs of the nominating committee, Bob Trowbridge and John Ely. Their email addresses are included with the mesasge. The nominating committee will distill the applicants and propose a slate of candidates to be voted on at the SIDM meeting at the DEM conference in September.

Thanks for your potential interest in joining the leadership team - we're looking forward to growing with your help.



Mark L Graber, MD FACP
Senior Fellow, RTI International
Founder and President, Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine
Phone:   919 990-8497


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