Diagnostic Error as Major Issue in Healthcare reported in ECRI and ASHRM Today

Vic Nicholls nichollsvi2 at GMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 22 17:52:50 UTC 2014

I have to agree with Peggy. The problems I have now are myriad. All 
because over 1.5 years ago I was referred back to a surgeon for late 
complications and got blown off. All the medical research backed it up 
but he either ignored it or didn't know it or just thought I was crazy.

Now I'm paying the price. Sometimes the research is right on the money.


On 8/22/2014 1:12 PM, Peggy Zuckerman wrote:
> May I suggest that there be also an alternate approach, i.e., that the 
> failure to present with "classical" symptoms not thereby preclude a 
> diagnosis of that disease.  The must be a way to circle back to the 
> point at which one ruled out a diagnosis on that basis and once more 
> give consideration to the disease previously discounted.
> As a kidney cancer patient, I am painfully aware of delayed diagnosis 
> because so few of us had the "classical triad" of blood in urine, 
> flank pain and a palpable mass in the belly. That approach might have 
> been effective in finding tumors when no imaging was available, but 
> also is nearly predictive of an advanced tumor. No wonder the stats 
> are so grim.
> Peggy Zuckerman

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