Ten Commandments to Reduce Diagnostic Errors

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from  Dr. Leonardo Leonidas, Bangor, Maine 20 May 2001  Copyright 2001

Given to his Son Len and Class 2001 Tufts University School of Medicine


   1. Thou shalt First "Do No Harm."

   2. Thou shalt think of serious and treatable conditions and act on them
without delay.

   3. Thou shalt remember that Diagnosis is History, History, History.  Then
confirm with clinical examination and more History.

   4. Thou shalt request a test only if it will change your plan or help in
predicting the outcome.

   5. Thou shalt question "authority" such as your senior residents,
attendings, experts, or even National guidelines.

   6.  Thou shalt continue the debate and questioning even though the data
is "IN."

   7. Thou shalt maintain a high index of suspicion for uncommon
presentations of the common.

   8. Thou shalt recognize your own beliefs, biases, prejudices, and
thinking style.

   9. Thou shalt be wary of your hunches and intuitions. It is better to use
Evidence Based Medicine.

  10.  Thou shalt have an iPad* or a smartphone in your palm.


*Palm Pilot in the first edition.


Leonardo L. Leonidas, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor in Pediatrics (retired 2008)

Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, USA

nonieleonidas68 at gmail.com <mailto:nonieleonidas68 at gmail.com>


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