Signs and symptoms

robert bell rmsbell at ESEDONA.NET
Thu Sep 11 20:56:20 UTC 2014

More regarding the Probabilities discussion.

As mentioned there are the treatment issues as they pertain to diagnosis.

But there are also the problems of symptomatology and signs.

What are the effects of of our genes on ”standard” signs and symptoms? What is the range that one can expect?  Is there any extensive work in this area? I have often wondered for example if certain patients have less or more pain receptor density in various parts of their bodies - is that known.

Also, what are the effects of other diagnoses (known or unknown) on signs and symptoms.

Just think of a 65 year old women who is wheezing and has an unknown Factor V Leidin deficiency, and also an unknown Lady Windermere syndrome. Both of these conditions are not too uncommon and are often initially missed with sometimes dire consequences.

Don’t we need far more database trolling to uncover the breadth of signs and symptoms expression for different conditions/diseases? 

As I have said before, let’s get back to the basics - and first evaluate the accuracy of the stethoscope in different hands!

If we are to make significant progress in the diagnostic area, in a reasonable time frame, we need a national and coordinated strategy run by the government or recognized national body.

Rob Bell, M.D.

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