Ebola in Dallas

Vic Nicholls nichollsvi2 at GMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 7 10:40:50 UTC 2014

Sir the biggest issue for patients is doctors and/or other HCP's that 
don't take responsibility for their part in it. If the problem is that 
doctor missed something, not every one is screaming for blood and 
multimillion dollar settlements I had an medication issue that they 
caught in the hospital. I remember it more than 2 years later because I 
was thankful and it gave me trust to know that they were looking out to 
fix mistakes. They didn't tell me but when I learned of it, I was 
thankful they did.

Its when people aren't taking responsibility for their part in it that 
we worry. That causes patients to lose trust. We've seen enough true 
stories, such as with medical state boards doing nothing time and again, 
that without doctors stepping up to say this part was my error, etc. and 
working to fix it, the trust factor is going to keep doing downhill.

Or facing the issue because the list gets very quiet when confronted 
with patients putting the truth up. I have no problems doing that. I 
want that others don't get the problems I did. I'm sure others do also. 
As long as the heads stay in the sand the status quo will grow worse.


On 10/6/2014 10:47 PM, Pauker, Stephen wrote:
> I think errors/omissions  will continue to occur
> and motivated people who want to see their family or friends
> may deliberately or inadvertently provide erroneous data.
> I thought our lesson was that the system much catch errors.
> It's not the bad doctor/apple, but the bad system.
> The argument that impeding travel will make things worse,
> begs the question, "worse for whom?"
> Steve

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