Ebola in Dallas

David Meyers dm0015 at ICLOUD.COM
Wed Oct 8 00:18:35 UTC 2014

In the end, some type of analysis of the facts will get at many of the contributing causes and corrections in the Dallas ebola case - knowledge deficits, failure to recognize the pattern, EHR issues, biases which always figure in decision-making, additional training, implementing protocols, etc.  But suppose a contributing factor IS the busy, harried, distracted ED staff who didn't have time to put all of the info together and make the right decision after thinking carefully about it, and instead acted as best they could under the circumstances - what Bob Wears has called the "tragedy of adaptability".  This is a recurring theme in a lot of diagnostic and other medical errors.  Are we, and more importantly the hospital CEO/CFOs and health insurers and maybe ultimately society prepared to make and pay for changes such as additional staff, more useful EHRs and other resources or the radical restructuring of clinical work which may be needed to fix these problems.  Perhaps the IOM will address this in their report on diagnostic error next year.

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