Buddy/list approach

Robert Bell rmsbell at ESEDONA.NET
Sun Oct 12 20:14:45 UTC 2014


The Peter Pronovost study at Johns Hopkins essentially used the
Buddy system very successfully to prevent catheter infections. Here a
nurse could correct a physician when he did something incorrectly.
[1] gives more on the success of this approach. 

Thousands around the
world have been saved by using just a check list, which presumably would
be slightly less accurate. 

The Buddy system is used successfully (with
a few breaks) to ebola case management. 

The question then arises could
we save more lives and reduce errors in certain critical situations by
more widely using a buddy system, not just a check list?? And if the
Buddy system is too expensive perhaps a mandated check list? 

I would
welcome hearing what situations/procedures could benefit from a
buddy/list approach right now. 

Rob Bell, M.D. 


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