Buddy/list approach

Peggy Zuckerman peggyzuckerman at GMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 13 01:15:12 UTC 2014

Curious if it wouldn't be very valuable to have a "Buddy App", which could
walk one through the check point list, with a verbal yes or no, just to
keep everyone on track.  If something can be distilled down to a list on a
sheet of paper, how very easy it would be to make it live, via digital
app.  Are there any examples of that in the field?
Peggy Z

On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 1:14 PM, Robert Bell <rmsbell at esedona.net> wrote:

>  The Peter Pronovost study at Johns Hopkins essentially used the Buddy
> system very successfully to prevent catheter infections. Here a nurse could
> correct a physician when he did something incorrectly.
> http://www.newswise.com/articles/checklist-continues-to-stop-bloodstream-infections-in-their-tracks-this-time-in-rhode-island
> gives more on the success of this approach.
> Thousands around the world have been saved by using just a check list,
> which presumably would be slightly less accurate.
> The Buddy system is used successfully (with a few breaks) to ebola case
> management.
> The question then arises could we save more lives and reduce errors in
> certain critical situations by more widely using a buddy system, not just a
> check list?? And if the Buddy system is too expensive perhaps a mandated
> check list?
> I would welcome hearing what situations/procedures could benefit from a
> buddy/list approach right now.
> Rob Bell, M.D.
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Peggy Zuckerman

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