Commonest error in medicine?

robert bell rmsbell at ESEDONA.NET
Tue Nov 25 00:40:50 UTC 2014

A thought.

Do we know what is the most common serious error in diagnosis in medicine in the USA?

If not can we guess at what is the commonest error in diagnosis? And then perhaps the top five.

Then could we discuss intensely on line and come to conclusions as to how we could lower that rate?

When we have come up with a list of suggestions for that one error we move on to Number 2  on what we think is the list of commonest serious errors in Medicine and how to reduce their incidence.

This way we would be doing something positive rather than just talking. Not that talking is important.

My contribution for serious No. 1 is Pulmonary embolism.

This way we could just on line make a seripous contribution to medicine particularly if someone would write up our discussions.

A thought

Robert M. Bell, M.D., Ph.C.

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