Annotated bibliography - librarians as partners, pls

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Nice to see the group interested in doing a literature review on DxError and
the points discussed in other posts. 


I did a write up for a colleague summarizing a few tips to get the ball
rolling on searching for this material:


I emphatically suggest that this request be leveraged as a partnership
opportunity for those who are interested in answering the initial question
and working with medical librarians to formulate and monitor the literature.
While it's nice that there is a MESH Term on DXerror - searching only for
that will leave holes in what is found.


Working with someone (ie a librarian or someone else with training in
comprehensive search skills) an ability and experience to understand the ins
and outs of what is needed would be a great course of action. I suspect
those on the list from academe have access to that expertise via their
institutional library.


Several librarians are on this list who may be able to point folks to a
colleague to do the work. 


As an aside, part of the reason they are on board could be due to Mark
Graber and SIDM's support and interest in engaging this professional group
with the work toward DXerror reduction. "Hat tip!"




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> Subject: RE: [IMPROVEDX] Commonest error in medicine?


> Fortunately there is a MeSH term ("Diagnostic Errors") that should 

> help with a Pubmed search.  Gordy Schiff's study of 583 errors and 

> Mark Graber's study of 100 errors should provide an entry into the 

> literature.  Also lots of autopsy studies summarized by Shojania 

> (Shojania KG, Burton EC, McDonald KM, Goldman L. Changes in rates of 

> autopsy-detected diagnostic errors over time: a systematic review. 

> JAMA. 2003 Jun 4;289(21):2849-56.).  Maybe we could start with a 

> top-10 list.  Criteria might include


> Prevalence

> "Don't miss" diagnoses

> Diagnoses amenable to quick easy rule-out tests, or historical points 

> that rule them out or physical exam points that rule them out Most common
presenting symptoms for each of the 10 diagnoses.


> John

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